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Scam Notices

Multiple freight carriers have reported hiring a freight broker who is illegally and fraudulently using the name “Leggett & Platt Global Supply Chain Solutions” and “L&P Transportation LLC” along with using an actual MC# and physical address that is associated with Leggett & Platt. The fraudulent Contract Load & Rate Confirmation contains phone numbers and e-mail addresses that are not associated with Leggett & Platt, such as

  • (517)-500-6205,
  • (614)-768-9359,
  • and

This is a scam.

The scam is sophisticated and continues to evolve, so other misrepresentations may be used to make it look as though the carrier is doing business with Leggett & Platt. These fraudulent freight brokers are not associated in any way with Leggett & Platt and Leggett & Platt cannot be responsible for any claims relating to this activity.

If you see freight broker solicitations or load confirmations matching this description, immediately contact Leggett & Platt through our toll-free ethics hotline at 1-800-888-4258 or email our Legal department. If you need to confirm the legitimacy of a brokered load, please contact Matt Turner at 417-313-6060 (direct number).

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